February 2019

I have been associated with KW Wealth Advisors for over 5 yrs. The initial step was consolidating my existing portfolios as I had investments in various places, and I was finding it extremely hard to manage. The team at KW Wealth Advisors helped me consolidate all my investments which were presented to me in a single document – this made managing my investments easier. The team has always paid attention to my needs and requirements and has made suggestions after careful consideration. I have been very happy with their services and recommend them to anyone who requires honest and careful thought out advice.

Nand K Vachani

December 2018

I have been associated with KW Wealth Advisors for the last 6 years. They have helped me and my family revamp our existing portfolios and insurance policies. They understand our requirements and help us achieve our goals through carefully thought out plans. I am extremely happy with their services and can rely on them for all my investments and financial planning.

Mr. Hitesh Ahuja

Aug- Sept 2018

I have been dealing with KW Wealth Advisors Pvt. Ltd since 2003 and highly recommend their services. They have assisted me with my financial planning and investments, and I have been extremely happy with their service. I have also recommended them to a number of my friends and family and they also are very happy with the service rendered by them.

Mr. Shantanu Mukherjee

Apr- June 17

The efforts put in by KW Wealth Advisors into looking after and protecting portfolios of their clients have been laudable. Personally, I’ve liked their mode of working within their organization, viz.
Delegating, Supporting, Analysing and Acting. This leads to effective and successful functioning.
I would like to wish them continued success in their ventures and in their entrepreneurship.

Mr. Satya Pal Ratti

Jan- Mar 16

KW Wealth Advisors have been advising me for several years on investments in debt and equity funds. I have found their advice well researched displaying a good knowledge of market conditions and the overall economic conditions. Would be quite comfortable in recommending them as a sound financial advisor.

Mr. Arvind Pande

Oct- Dec 15

When I retired from my government job as an Additional Secretary in 2008, I had no clue about how to manage my retirement funds. I was contemplating to park money in Fixed Deposits with PSBs, since that was the only familiar avenue for me. Just at that time, KW Wealth Advisors approached me to manage my funds ion a non-conventional way and helped me to analyse my requirements, profile and access my risk appetite.
They advised me to invest in a mix of Equity and Debt MFs. My investment portfolio was created on KW portal, where I could see my net worth growing. They educated me on the various investment option available and tried to “oversell” to me. Gradually, my confidence grew I parked the funds of my other family members also, sa advised by them.
I and my family have reaped good benefits by our association with KW Wealth Advisors.

Dr. Veera Gupta